Volunteers are needed throughout the year to sort, wash, repair, paint, and package toys. Call or visit for more information.


Toy Washers

  • All plastic toys need to be washed thoroughly but not soaked.


Game Checkers

  • All games are checked for missing pieces and parts.

  • When games are complete, they need to be assembled and readied for packing.


Doll Groomers

  • Wash and clean dolls thoroughly.

  • Wash doll hair, comb, and set hair 

  • Select doll clothing, blankets, pillow, etc.

  • Dress and package doll.

  • Sew doll clothing (patterns available).



  • Sand and paint various items including doll furniture, puzzles, rocking horses, etc.


Bicycle Repairperson

  • All phases of bicycle repair including tires, brakes, gears, painting, etc.


Yard Person

  • Cut grass, trim shrubs, and weed (as needed).

  • Clean up debris and pick up trash (bottles, etc.) on property



  • Clean bathrooms

  • Sweep floors

  • General clean-up